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Here are some of the new items in my etsy shop. I haven’t had much time in the past few months to set aside for creating but I plan to this spring and summer. I have many ideas, just need to get these hands a workin! My favorite things to make are little cute items that should be adored. I also love paper, I actually LOVE paper. I buy pads and notebooks just to have them! I figure I’ll get to them someday. So I will be bangin out a new series of custom pads very soon as well.

Lately, I have been really into creating handmade items. There is something about a handmade gift you just can’t beat. It shows it was made from the heart and everything I produce really comes from mine. I love creating things and giving them to people or being able to make some extra cash by selling them is awesome. It makes me very happy. Just doing my part to spread the love and show my skills in the process.

Decorative Flower Sign $10
These little signs are made from balsa wood and designed with stamps, colored pencils and paper. I recently gave the first one to a friend of mine for her birthday. It made me so happy to see her in love. It received some nice feedback so I’ve decided to make more. A whole lot more!

Decorative Sign - Gray Star Design

Handmade Crafty Card $5
This card was designed to go with the little sign but is available by itself. Just a cute little decorative card made with love.

Decorative Handmade Card - Gray Star Design

It was always you… $6
I love this card. Give this to someone you love and I’m sure there will be a smile on their face.

Handmade Card - It was Always You - Gray Star Design