Color in Films

Being a fine art major allowed me to explore many mediums of the art field, one being film. I have always looked to film for inspiration and it has surely helped my creativity grow.

Color in Films is another palette series I originally created for Kate Smith for Sensational Color, which I also shared here. You can now find it exlusively on The Design Inspirationalist in its new format. My only hope is to change the way you view film and appreciate not only the cinematic elements but the stillness that brings a whole new beauty to the idea of color.

{As of October 1, 2013, I decided to put Color in Films to rest. It has been a great year  exploring my favorite films in this way and I am happy my readers have enjoyed the palettes. They have certainly paved the way for more ideas I know you will all love. Thanks again for your support}

Color in Film - The Dark Crystal      Color in Cinema -Donnie Darko

Color in Cinema - Blue Valentine      Color in Cinema - One Hour Photo

Color in Cinema - Last Days      James & the Giant Peach

Color in Films: Lord of the Rings      Color in Films - The Lovely Bones

Color in Films: Legend      Color in Films: The Fifth Element

Color in Films: Across the Universe

Color in Films: Pans Labyrinth

Color in Films: Elephant

Color in Films: 300

Breakfast Club

Color in Films: Beetlejuice

Color in Films: Sucker Punch

Color in Films: Dick Tracy

Color in Films: WIlly Wonka

Color in Films: Labyrinth

Color in Films: Where the Wild Things Are

Color in Films: Inception

Color in Films: The Village

Color in Films- The Avengers

Color in Films- Requiem for a Dream

Color in Films: Oz The Great and Powerful

Color in Films - Howard the Duck

1 thought on “Color in Films”

  1. Ooooh, I love the 5th Element palette! I’ve always wanted to do a palette based on the move Great Expectations. I love how the wardrobe for most characters is variations of green. Superb work!

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