Nesting Birds Study: Part 1


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This week in our nature study we are learning about nesting birds. To start we read Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward. Then completed a bird anatomy and bird name worksheet, NEST letter sheet, looked at all different types of nests, practiced the letter N and ovals, and had a counting lesson with a cute egg set. We also built a little nest out of popsicle sticks, yarn and twigs.
– Bird nest poster and egg counting set from @honeycombcabin
– Bird anatomy and bird name worksheets are included in my bird unit that you can download for free at

Winter Birds Study: Part 2


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This morning for our bird study we learned about ducks! To start we read Ducks! By Gail Gibbons and Elliot completed some worksheets on the letter D and the word DUCK. We also studied the life cycle of a duck, looked at its anatomy and various types of ducks. We practiced numbers with little cutouts and Elliot enjoyed creating a pond scene with a paper duck play set I cut out and laminated. All the beautiful duck study materials are from @stephhathawaydesigns. Happy Friday!

Portfolio: Rebranding Project


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Just wrapped up this rebranding project with @cdelahunta and it was awesome working with her again! I created her branding and website a few years back and she recently contacted me to help with a fresh new look. So we transformed her logo, with old and new elements, and revamped her website with new offerings. I love how it turned out. We kept her current color palette but added some new style elements and now it flows so nicely.Visit to learn more about what she does and take a look around. If you’re up for some reiki, meditation or yoga, she’s your girl.