Portfolio: Logo Design for Mangari Gopika


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I just finished up a branding project for a new client and she liked the logos so much she chose two. Manjari has been great to work with and I’m happy I can help her along this journey as she starts her yoga business. The logos feature two of the colors from her palette and the peacock feather represents her fun and playful nature. Looking forward to working on her website next!

Portfolio: Website Redesign for MedPower


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Before my time off I finished a new website design for MedPower. I created the previous one but they were due for an upgrade and I was happy to jump on board. This time around I worked alongside their new CMO Matt Downing and concentrated on an improved branding strategy and style. With a modern clean layout, the incorporation of fresh illustrations and graphics, and using various tones of their blue and green color palette I feel we accomplished our goal. You can check it out at medpower.org.

Portfolio: The Freedom Experience


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A recent sales page I created for Malaine Lea, Leah Lund and Brittany Aragon to promote The Freedom Experience. I kept it clean with some pops of color but overall pretty streamlined. This one day online retreat (tomorrow!) will help you learn how to make decisions and trust yourself to take risks. You can learn more and check out the design at malainelea.com/freedom.