Nothing Basic About It


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I always like to support other businesses in the field, even though they might be competition. The design world is filled with tons of talent and there is enough to go around, that’s for sure. Everyone has a preference and likes different aesthetics, so you should never have a problem finding what you’re looking for.

Basic Invite is a great place to shop for all your stationery needs. They offer invitations for all type of events, including weddings, as well as all things baby. Everything can be customized and they have unlimited color options so you can make sure the item is exactly how you want it. They are one of the few websites that allow you so many choices. In addition, you can get custom samples of the item you are ordering. This allows you to not only get a feel of the paper they offer, but hold an exact replica in your hand.

If you are planning a wedding, Basic Invite has it all. You can find the perfect bridal shower invitations to get started, and then move on to your save the dates from there. They even offer save the date magnets, if that’s your thing.

And once you are ready to get those invitations in order for the big day, you can count on Basic Invite to cover all the bases. Their wedding invitation examples really help guide you in the right direction. Whether you want a romantic, modern, or a vintage design, you will find something you like. The bonus is they have over 40 different envelope colors so finding that perfect match is not a problem. And they are peel and seal, which saves so much time. Plus, their free address collection service makes that task simple as can be.

For day of stationery and decor, you can find a lot of options for those as well. For seating, place cards for your wedding are a convenient and classic choice.

Having a guest book at your wedding is nice idea too. Basic Invite offers a large variety of these and you can customize them all. They are classic and sophisticated, and lay flat for that streamlined look.

Basic Invite also just launched their new clear collection and added rose gold to their foil line. So if these are up your alley, go for it!

It’s worth a visit to see what they have to offer. And check them out on social media to get news and see what they are currently up to. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. And for event inspiration, take a peek at their Pinterest boards too!

Interior Palettes: A Fresh Workspace


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I think it’s important to have a workspace you love and one that reflects your style and personality. This one right here is a nice example of what a clean and organized space can look like and I just love how modern and it is too. A neutral earthy palette is the foundation for the toned down pops of color, allowing them to shine. The room is weighted down successfully by the darker cool hues and the fun patterns and artwork add so much visual interest, without being too busy. The white walls and desk help to keep the overall space clean and fresh. I wouldn’t mind working in here every now and then. Would you?

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Be About Being Better


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When you had a bad day and you are super stressed and have no patience left and find a way to blame yourself because you are supposed to make sure everything is going as planned and find solutions and fix all that isn’t working but the truth is you’re only human and need to give yourself a break.

There are times when you just need to be about being better to yourself. And it’s in those darker moments when you need it most.

Pause. Breathe. Let go. Rest.
My recipe for being better.

Image reposted by @urban_sprouts on Instagram