Portfolio: Logo Design & Moodboard for Stephany Lugo


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A recent logo and mood board I created for @iamstephanylugo. Rich hues and a strong feminine vibe invite you in to learn more. Stephany lives on the beautiful island of PR where she offers retreats, courses and cacao ceremonies. She is a yoga teacher, dancer and nature lover guiding women to reclaim their pleasure in life. We are currently building her online home and I can’t wait to show you all when it’s done.



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I could not have said it better. Simple and to the point, our freedom is everything. It’s the foundation for all we create, say and do. I have always supported choice above all because a forced way of life is NOT living. I don’t debate it or argue – that is simply a waste of time. Instead I continue to move forward and thrive. And wherever my journey takes me it’s my free will that gets me there.

Whatever path you decide to take, I hope it brings you the knowledge and experience to evolve as you’ve never imagined. Dream big, never give up, and always be true to yourself. We have the right to live wild and free you so might as well enjoy it ✨