Portfolio: Website Design for Reilly Construction


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A few months ago I worked with Reilly Construction on their website and it’s finally live. The project goal was to create a new site that was clean and modern to reflect the beautiful work the company does. You can check it out and learn more at www.building2last.com.



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I’ve always welcomed change. And life has brought me tons of it. I think it’s important to remember that change is good. It’s an opportunity to grow and move forward. And I find it’s much easier to focus on what’s next than to fight the inevitable. Whatever it is your dealing with, allow yourself to dive deep and really feel it out. Acknowledge what’s happening, own it, and be honest with yourself. Then explore your options, be positive, and take each day as it comes.

Aviation, Art and Evergreen Study


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This week Elliot and I explored aviation some more with @harborandsprout, had a few art lessons, and of course our nature study. We are almost done with this month’s theme and plan to focus on nocturnal animals next week which I’m super excited for. Here’s a rundown of the fun we had over the past few days.

Art Study: We learned about aerial perspective and viewing different angles of an object. For this, we looked at a painting by Yvonne Jacquette to help illustrate looking down from above. I thought Elliot did great at understanding this concept and as usual, I’m always proud of his drawing skills.

Aviation: We had a fun little study on hot air balloons. We read a cute story, learned about the parts and how it all works, and Elliot drew and designed his own.

Aviation/History: The Story of Amelia Earhart. We read about her life and how brave she was. Elliot completed his book report and gave the story 5 stars. The lesson she taught us was to follow your dreams, even if people say you can’t do something. She surely was an inspiration.

Nature Study: Evergreens for #enwcevergreenweek. Using @treehouse_schoolhouse resources we sang, read a poem, reviewed the life cycle, and discussed a painting by Van Gogh. We also sorted and measured with an activity from @greenurbancreative and did some pine cone journaling with @habitatschoolhouse. For a little art sesh Elliot also painted with a pine brush and explored texture.

Open Books:
+ Look! Seeing the Light in Art
+ Flying Machine, Eyewitness Books
+ Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds by Smithsonian

Portfolio: Website Redesign for Karinee Lopez


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I love when clients come to me for a rebrand. Even if they just need their website updated, it brings me joy to go in and freshen it all up. This was the case when @karineesanate reached out about her website. For this project, it was mostly formatting and spacing issues but I also streamlined the design and made some edits as well. I really like how everything came together and am glad Karinee is happy with the results too.
Feel free to learn more about her services and shop the apothecary at karineelopez.com.