So Grateful


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I am grateful for so many things. I have the best family and friends, a warm cozy home, an amazing little boy, and my health. Proof that I have been very lucky in this lifetime.

My career choice hasn’t always been easy but I was determined to do what I love and I’m doing it. Art and design is literally in my DNA and there is nothing else I could do with as much confidence and pride. I am thankful to still have Olive by my side and the memories of my sweet Jenny, which I will hold on to forever. She was truly a blessing in my life. And I continue to appreciate Mother Earth for all she shares and teaches me. Nature will always be a part of my soul.

These past few years have been pretty significant and many realizations have come to the surface. Growth is an understatement. I look forward to exciting opportunities, new friendships, and positive change as this year unfolds into another. The shift within me is truly guiding me as it should.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and send love to each and every one of you. Enjoy the holiday as best you can.

Weather Study: Part 1


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It’s weather week in our nature study so we started with marking the weather on our chart and then Elliot finished coloring his weather wheel I got from @magichomeschoolbus. We then continued to learn about temperature, precipitation, clouds and the various types of weather…

  • read Weather Words and What They Mean by Gail Gibbons
  • looked over worksheets from @habitatschoolhouse
  • completed a coloring page from @magichomeschoolbus
  • colored letter pages for SUNNY, RAINY and SNOW and pasted them in our nature journal, along with drawing a picture that matched and cut/paste illustrations from @magichomeschoolbus

There is so much to learn about weather! We will probably continue this a little longer than a week.



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Everyone blossoms at their own pace. I hope that you all have had the space to blossom this year. I certainly have.

As we head into the holiday I think of all the things I’m grateful for and feel very lucky to be here. And even though this year has been a crazy one it has shown me so many things, both good and bad. I take what I learn and move forward. There is no other direction to go.

I continue to be open minded, kind, and curious – which has always helped my journey in a positive way. I am not one to follow, never was. And I’m determined to create the life I want. I would say that’s an awesome recipe for success and happiness.

Allow yourself to be open to the ever changing rhythm of life and never force adaptation. Live with intention and know your boundaries. The act of blossoming is an organic process, it happens when you surround yourself with high vibes and good energy. So rise up if you’re feeling like you need a boost. Take control and steer yourself in the direction that is best for you, one step at a time. And you will see how life unfolds.

Lichen Study: Part 2


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Today Elliot and I learned more about lichen!

  • read about lichen in Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman
  • used the Lichen Hunt page from @magichomeschoolbus, cut out the photos I took from our nature hike earlier in the week and pasted them in our journal
  • learned about different types of Lichen from cards by @twigandmoth
  • colored a LICHEN letter page

We also read Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant, practiced the letter I and size variations with some worksheets and more abc practice with our Battat letter game. It was a beautiful day so we went outside for a bit as well and enjoyed the sunshine. Hope you are all having a great day.