In the Moment


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I said this to a friend today that is feeling very overwhelmed and stressed. As I wrote it, I repeated it again in my head and thought it was pretty damn clever. I told myself I would take my own advice and remember that we don’t need to be moving so fast all the time. Whether we are running a business, have a family to take care of, or just have a lot going on (or maybe all 3!), it’s important that we slow down and be present in the moments we create and share. Getting lost in the ‘busy’ sucks. We are living our lives day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute…and it all goes by so fast. Too fast. Why not ‘be’ in all the moments? Like I told my friend, breathe and pause when you need to. Our lives are so precious and when we look back on memories, it’s an amazing feeling to be able to say you were truly in them, taking it all in. Because we are all worth it.

Houseplant Cheat Sheet


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Everyone who knows me, knows I love plants. They are basically everywhere in my home. Growing up with a mother who loved plants, as well as a grandmother, it was no surprise I would later bring these green beauties in and surround myself with earth’s goodies.

I wanted to share a really informative guide that was sent to me the other day with my readers because it’s very helpful on what plants to choose for your home and why. If you didn’t know, there kind of is a science behind, so to speak. Check out the cheat sheet below if you need a little guidance on what plants do best where and how they can help you. Thanks to Capital Garden Services for sharing this!


Interior Palettes: Pop of Happy


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I love neutrals, so all white spaces make me happy. They bring calm and quiet to a room and set a nice tone for all types of design. This living room speaks to me with such grace. A lighthearted soft spoken, “come on over.” Cool neutrals are the foundation for cheery blues and pinks to shine. And bringing the outside in with plants and flowers always adds a pop of happy.

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Minted + Pottery Barn Kids/PB Teen Art Challenge


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I haven’t entered a Minted challenge since the holiday one in May, but I figured I would submit a few to this one considering it’s Pottery Barn. How cool would it be to get picked! So here are my entries below. Voting is now open!! I appreciate all your votes and comments if you want to share them. Thank you!!