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Throwing an event with some vintage charm is a great way to add a nostalgic feel. It can be a birthday party for your kids, a dinner party with friends or a wedding reception. Vintage style can be added to any kind of event. That is what I love about it. Plus, it looks so beautiful. Muted pastel colors are great for spring and summer while darker tones like reds, golds and browns are great for colder months. The possibilities are also endless.

Looking for vintage items to use are quite easy. With all the antique shops around and garage sales close by, its kind of hard not to find cool objects. It can also be cheaper, which is a bonus. It is just a matter of creating somewhat of a theme. You can be eclectic and mix it up but make sure it all blends together somehow.

If you are having a dinner party try vintage settings and simple flowers in old jars and vases. Go the extra mile with embroidered napkins or a tablecloth. You can also out put antique candlesticks. For cups, try mason jars or a design from the era you chose. Present food in decorative containers and platters to keep the vintage feel fresh. Dessert is where you can have fun so get creative. Display yummy treats like cupcakes, pies, cookies and candy on pretty dishes and antique tiers. If you really want to be authentic, dress the part and your ready to go!

Birthday parties or celebrations for children is an excuse to really get creative. Think of things kids love like animals, toys, ice cream and games. So places like the zoo, the circus, an ice cream shoppe and festivals would make great themes. Decorate the party area with your theme and take all the guests back to the good old days. Create ice cream sundaes, a vintage candy bar and cute cupcakes. You can give little toys from the 50s or 60s as favors and they will love them. Sounds like fun to me!