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Recently I have been working with color expert Kate Smith which has inspired me to think more about color. Since nature is where I get most of my inspiration from I wanted to share some tips on how to use the natural palette in your home.

Analyzing a space is a smart thing to do once in awhile. I recommend you do it every six months or so. Tastes change and so does your life. Adjusting your space to your everyday is how you will get the most out of it. If you aren’t benefiting from your home than something is wrong.

A place to chill out should be reminiscent of what you love. What makes you truly relax? You should be able to clear your mind and be totally comfortable. For me, nature is my true love. So I take colors from Mother Earth and bring them inside my home. This means using neutrals such as blues, grays, browns, greens and colors from fruits and veggies. Natural tones in nature is what helps me sit back and relax. I find that most people feel the same.

{Seeing nature as a whole is truly breathtaking. From the sky to the water, you will find inspiration from every angle}

Now, this natural palette isn’t just an inspiration for color but also how to use it. If you look outside the Earth seems so perfect. Trees have brown bark to ground the green and many other lighter colors in their leaves. The sky is all sorts of gorgeous blues, whites and grays while the ground presents more greens and browns. This is a free lesson in how to coordinate and arrange the colors in your home. So, mirroring nature in your space is a great way for successful design to shine. Put the sky on your walls so the room feels airy. Depending on the tone of the color, the trim can be crisp or slightly blend in for a softer look. Antique whites, creams and light grays work well.

{Look closer to find various tones and hues of color on trees during different seasons as well as notice all the different colors in the leaves}

{The colors of autumn are a true inspiration for spaces to feel warm but relaxing}

Flooring should ground the room and provide the necessary weight for all other elements to feel natural. You don’t have to necessarily have really dark floors, but they should be a darker color that the walls so their is some type of contrast. The more texture there is, the more warm the space will feel. Eco-friendly options such as bamboo, cork, cement, brick and stone play very well in a space like this. Adding a rug will bring even more comfort and warmth.

Your furniture should also help weigh down the space. Having pieces appear as they are floating can somewhat look out of place. You want a consistent feel to the room. For a more spacious design stick with darker toned pieces that aren’t heavy. Maybe they have open shelving or thin legs, either way it will work. If you want or need more heavier furniture that is fine too. Just take note of size and the proportion to the other pieces in the room.

{A great example of how texture in natural elements can bring so much to a space. See all the various gray tones from the Earth}

Your accessories are the details that bring the whole room together. From the window treatments and lighting to smaller decorative items such as vases, trinkets and books. Pops of color bring a whimsy and fun feel to the room so look to the seasons for inspiration. The details on your furniture play a big part as well. Handles, knobs and special engraving can sometimes make or break a space. If you are incorporating grays in the room I suggest colder metals like silver. Warmer highlights such as golds and brass, go well with autumn colors like red and orange.

{Light wood tones and soft colors make this bathroom calm and soothing. Silver blends nicely with the colors of the room}

Color is so important when creating a space. Especially, one that is meant for relaxation and comfort. Feeling like you are at a park when in fact you are sitting on your couch reading a book, is a successful result to great design. Everything should accent each other and blend in a natural way, as if the room was meant to look the way it does. So sit back, take a look around and discover the power of color in your home. Creating a space that empowers, inspires and keeps you calm when the day is rough truly makes all the difference. I can guarantee you will be smiling more often.