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When creating a successful wedding, it all comes down to the details. Even a large event such as a wedding relies on a theme, palette and unique decor that tie into the chosen scheme with ease. You don’t want to overdo it just as much as not doing enough, which can easily happen with a small budget. Knowing what you want is a start. Being able to put it all together is what will make or break the overall design.

I feel the biggest problem most people have is seeing the bigger picture. Some can have a great idea but not a strong enough vision to pull it together or even see the end result . Getting help shouldn’t be hard. That’s what designers are for. But sometimes, if you can combine fun items you like, those details that are so important come alive. Then being able to cross the finish line and look back at an amazing event is priceless.

Here are some fun party items for all events that I hope inspire you to create the party, gathering or wedding of your dreams. Remember to relax, be open minded and stay true to who you are. This is the fun part!

Beau coup – Baby Dot Cupake Wrappers $12 {set of 12}baby-dot-cupcake-wrappers-500

Tree Beginnings – Bird Seed Heart Favor $1.79+ each

Wedding Things – Oatmeal Kraft Box Wedding Favor $0.95

BHLDN – Birch Placeholders $24 {6}
birch placeholders

Sparkle – Sparklers $45 {box of 288}

Paloma’s Nest – Ringbearer Bowl $48
ringbearer bowl

BHLDN – Blue Bird Table Number Cards $44 {15} & Place Cards $10 {18} 
blue bird cards

Le Box Boutique – Wool Acorns $15 {set of 12}
wool acorns

Postscripts – Rustic Dessert Stand $39.99+
rustic dessert stand
The Lonely Heart – Personalized Linen Ribbon $5 {2 yards}
personalized linen ribbon

At Company b – Cake Banner $24
cake banner

Succulents Galore – Succulent Corsage $32
succulent corsage

BHLDN – Proprietor’s Keys $18 {12}
Proprietor's Keys

Marry Me Rosie – Paper Flowers Bouquet $149
paper bouquet

BHLDN – Urchin Shell Vase $16
urchin shell vase

Cake Vintage – Bon Appetit Placemat $22
bon appetit placemat

Flutter – Tin Music Box $8.50
tin music box

Anthropologie – Ivory Epoch Pot $10
ivory epoch pot 

The Blushing Apple – Metal Birdcage and Feeder $21.99
metal birdcage and feeder