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I’m always thinking of ways to reuse objects in my home. Recycling things and making new uses for them is a great way to gain inspiration. Plus, you get bonus points for repurposing something you already have. There are plenty of things laying around your house you can redesign. This project uses something everyone has — an old cassette case.

DIY Business Card Holder

{Materials} a clear cassette case and art materials of your choice.

This project is very simple. It’s basically just taking the cassette case and folding it backwards. The real challenge is designing it.  Not that it’s hard, but there are just so many ways to do it.

First, take a clear cassette case and open it all the way. Stand it up on a table or desk and put some business cards in the holder. It’s that easy!  I happen to like it clear, but you can style it up any way you like.

Some ideas for designs are:

  • using decorative tape
  • painting it with acrylic paints
  • using permanent marker to color or draw a design on it
  • decoupage a design using decorative paper
  • use stickers to add some cute touches
  • cover with fabric by using some glue or double sided tape

I hope these ideas help you out. Get creative or keep it simple. I’m sure people will be impressed when they step up to see how you’ve showcased your cards. Pure genius! Avoid creating waste with artful thinking and good ideas will come out it.