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Everyday Tablescapes

Setting your table doesn’t have to be boring.

Having dinner guests?  There’s no better way to make them feel welcome than with a great tablescape. Of course, a yummy dinner should follow! What if you’re having some people over? You want to wow your guests so they come back, right? Well, here are some great ideas that you all can do, DIY style.

You can create a great tablescape with what you already own. Just collect some of your best looking dinnerware and try to create a theme. You can choose a color scheme, an event or even certain objects. Just be creative and remember it should be fun.

All my ideas are simple and easy. I find that when people put too much on a table, it ends up being overkill. You don’t want people distracted by the tablescape, but appreciate what you’ve done and enjoy the evening.

So, let’s say you’re having another couple over for dinner. An easy addition is to put some flowers on the table. Not a huge bouquet, but a small, quaint one for that whimsical feel. Also, think outside of the box when choosing a vase. To make it less formal, try using an old jar, a piece of pottery or even a decorative cup.

Everyday Tablescapes

Cute place mats and cloth napkins will dress up a table a little without going overboard. Try to stick with the same color scheme so it all looks put together. Simple and functional, yet beautiful at the same time.

Having a romantic dinner for two?  Make it casual and comfortable and go with the same idea. A small bouquet of flowers and a simple setting. You can even ditch the place mats!  The more natural the better. The cloth or linen napkins are enough to dress it up. Clean and simple is the way to go.

Everyday Tablescapes

If you want something a little more formal, then use a table cloth. They have some really cool patterns these days, so finding something unique shouldn’t be hard. Not into a lot of graphics? Then go for one that is a solid color, but matches your theme of the night.

When having a small get together, you want to hang out with your guests, not get stuck in the kitchen. I’ve found that the best way to accomplish this is to set it up a buffet. Have one table for all the dinnerware and another for the food. Or just set up a big table where food is on one side and the dinnerware is on the other.

A simple and stylish way to dress up the table is to use a table runner. This is the one time when I think it’s most appropriate. Set the runner down and place all the dinnerware in a row. Using a mason jar to hold the silverware sets a nice tone. Sometimes you can find these super cheap at garage sales.

Everyday Tablescapes

Now, you want to include that one element of design that makes a statement. Yes, you can place flowers on the table, but try using items you normally don’t use. I took some onions and garlic and placed them in a glass bowl and it looked awesome. It’s natural and the subtle tones of the veggies brought a nice vibe to the table. Try showcasing wine corks in a jar or vase.

Everyday Tablescapes

You can also go naked. Who says you need to put down a table cloth or runner? Not me! Express your love for clean and simple and showcase your table. If you want to dress it up a bit, use a tray to place all the cups on. Add some flowers or even a small bunch of branches tied with a ribbon and you’re done.

Everyday Tablescapes

For dessert, the same rules apply. Invest in a cute cake stand and some serving plates and all your yummy treats will look even better. I have a lot of little plates that come in handy for times like these. I suggest you stock up as well.  They are great for desserts, appetizers or even a simple snack. Plus, they look so cute!

Everyday Tablescapes

So try these ideas the next time you have guests and I promise they’ll be a success. Just because something is well designed doesn’t mean it took all day to do. I say, clean lines, natural tones and creative thinking is the key to all kinds of design. Dinner guests beware! You might just get blown away from my DIY tablescape.

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