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Everyone has switch plates in their home and most of the time they are simple, white and plastic. When I moved into my apartment back a few years ago it came with just that. Boring! To make it worse, a lot of them had paint on them. I said to myself, there has to got to be a way to create a designer look without spending tons of money. Well, the idea bulb burst and today I am sharing it with you.

This project is so easy and it comes out gorgeous. It costs under $10 to make enough to cover most of your home. You may even have all the materials needed to do it so that will save you time and money as well. You really can’t go wrong with this one. Lets get started!


  • plastic switch plate
  • contact paper or clear label paper
  • X-acto knife
  • double sided tape or craft glue
  • image of your choice

Crafty Switch Plates

First, you want to decide on the image or design you want to use. Depending on the room it goes in, try to have it blend in with the decor. The one below was for our dining room which had rich browns and light blues so I chose a design that is a modern but classic pattern that includes those colors.

Crafty Switch Plates

The best place to find images and inspiration are magazines. They also have a nice quality that will be noticed so keep that in mind. I recommend design magazines, like Elle Decor, because there is so much to choose from. You will find something for each room in just one magazine. However, there are tons of cool choices out there so whatever you have lying around the house will work too.

Now that you have your image, take some double sided tape or craft glue if you have it and adhere it to the front of the plate. Next, place the plate front side down on the paper. To make sure you cover the whole plate you will have to place it in the middle of the image to give it some extra room. You can draw a line or just use a ruler and cut around it. If you are a perfectionist like me than do the math and measure. It doesn’t have to be perfect though.

Crafty Switch Plates

You can use any kind of cutter for this but I recommend an X-acto. You will want to cover the paper so its protected. Contact paper is great for this. All you have to do is cover the plate with it and cut around it like you did with the image. Don’t forget to cut where the switch comes through. Puncturing a small hole for the screws should be fine.  You don’t have to cut a whole circle.

If you are good at decoupage this would be a good project to show your skills. Just get some Mod Podge and get creative.

Crafty Switch Plates

Put it up and bask in sweet design bliss! I promise if you choose a really cool image this switch plate will look fabulous. This is a great idea for a kids room too. You can really have fun with it. So good luck, even though you won’t need it, and happy decorating!