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I came across this cool chair from this store, Regency Shop, so I looked around and found a few more modern items I thought were pretty rad. If you like this style than you will love these pieces of furniture.

I saw these chairs and just wanted to snuggle up in my backyard and camp out for the night. How nice would it be to stare at the stars in these? I am a huge fan of wicker so that already sold me but the fact they are so big was a plus as well.

Make it Modern: Ferrara - Seville Ball Wicker Bed

This bench is simple and sleek with tons of texture and style. It would be great set at a table or even in a foyer.

Make it Modern: Wooden Double Bench

You can’t get any more mod than this light fixture. Besides a dining room, you can give your living room or bedroom a 70s feel and incorporate this sputnik inspired piece for some fun.

Make it Modern: Sputnik Style Light