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I have always thought dollhouses were interesting. From the construction and realistic layout to all the tiny pieces of furniture. Then you have the small people who live in these houses. Oh, what stories you could create in this imaginary little world.

This particular doll house was shot in Connecticut at a lighthouse museum. All the little rooms were so quaint and cozy. The one you see below is a bedroom showing exquisite detail and country style. It introduces a girl and her dog possibly starting the day. The lighting hints an early morning feel as if the sun was coming up right through the window. It could also be evening, where the warm tones of yellow and orange light up a room.

Either way, your story is their story. All that happens in the dollhouse is a piece of your imagination. It may be a small world but it gets larger the more stories it holds.

Inspiration Photo Friday: It's a Small World - ©Melissa O'Connor