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There are many ways to bring a new lease of life to your home without breaking the bank. If you’ve been considering redecorating but are wary of the costs involved, these tips will give you plenty of inspiration to help you achieve a new look on a budget.

Add some color to the walls
A lick of paint is one of cheapest yet most effective ways to bring a room up to date. You might want to consider creating a bold statement wall, painting an entire room with a vibrant, intense shade or using several colors to incorporate a stylish two-tone theme. As you can pick up tins of paint cheaply from your local DIY store, you can regularly update your home without spending too much.

Guest Post: How to Redecorate on a Budget

Update your bedding
Redecorating doesn’t have to involve buying new furniture. If you want to bring a fresh feel to your bedroom, try choosing some new duvet covers and pillowcases. They’re available at reasonable prices from online retailers such as Linens Direct, meaning that you can easily embrace the latest trends or change your color schemes. You’ll be surprised at just how different your bedroom can look after making such a simple change.

Guest Post: How to Redecorate on a Budget

Give existing furniture a make-over
There’s no need to throw out your existing furniture. Try giving your existing pieces a make-over by having them reupholstered with a new material. This could change a boring old armchair into a statement piece, with very little investment. If you’re looking for something a little less permanent, buy a few colored throws and experiment with different looks according to your mood.

Visit your local charity shop
You may find that you can pick up plenty of bargains at a charity shop that will help you to transform your home. Look out for items such as pictures, mirrors and photo frames that have been previously loved but could look fantastic in your living space. You might decide that they need a coat of paint or varnish to make them look new again, or you could pick up some pieces that look stylishly vintage just the way they are.

With so many ways to update your home on a shoestring, it’s not surprising that more and more people are choosing to get creative rather than splashing the cash. By trying just a few of these ideas, your house will be looking brand new for a price you never thought possible.

Written by Sarah Atkinson