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I always liked this photo because it was serene. The delicate water resting against the earthbound rocks set a nice canvas for nature to shine. The fantastic blue of the sky showing its reflection oh so beautifully in the water makes me smile. The moss slightly peeks out among the stream. Earth is truly a main character here.

I shot this in Raritan, New Jersey about 6 years ago. I remember that quiet March day being nice and cool and the setting where I was taking photographs was calm. No one was around which left me and my subjects at ease. No distractions. No unnecessary noise. Just me and the blue.

The color scheme from this photo is a great inspiration for interior spaces as well as events. I have this palette throughout my own home because it is soothing, earthy and adrogynous. It allows for many accent colors to come into play as well. Think of it as a natural background for endless possibilities.

Inspiration Photo Friday: The Blue - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena


Inspiration Photo Friday: The Blue