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Commercial companies offer a complete consulting activity to help choose furniture for public spaces. This allows counseling from the interior design stage to the complete solution of furniture in order to define opportunities, styles and details.

The customer is supported step by step and the final result is a customized furniture made and installed by the company. This work may involve an architect, especially for the creation of limited series. The company focuses on major projects such as hotels, offices, houses, bars, restaurants, chain stores. The compositions of different furnishings depend on the needs of the place in which they are placed.

There is always a high quality of materials, ranging from wood to synthetic fibers and metals with customizations agreed by the customer and the company. In the images below, we can see a couple of realizations of contract furniture, different styles that preserve their own elegance.

In hotel receptions, for example, the furniture is often placed in functional and confined spaces, in order to create open spaces that don’t block the passageway. In the reception there is always built-in furniture just behind the desk where there are the receptionists. It is composed by small compartments to hold the different keys of the rooms that host the customers.

Guest Post: Choosing Furniture for Public Areas

In the lobby there may be big sofas or little armchairs together with tables and other facilities. It’s important to keep in mind that this area welcomes guests, so we should make it more comfortable for all potential customers too. We can see some examples in this hotel interior design website.

Guest Post: Choosing Furniture for Public Areas

There are many possibilities when choosing furniture for public spaces. It all depends on the defined style and the potential target, but they must blend harmoniously with the environment and be always warm and friendly. Studied geometries are designed to lead the eye towards background symmetry. Horizons of freedom open a unique style where simplicity is synonymous with beauty.

{Fabio Mele is an Italian writer with passion for interior design.}