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I wanted to take a minute to let all of you know my new website is finally done. I recently launched it this week and am very excited for this new venture. You can all now visit me on Gray Star Design! Woohoo!

Gray Star Design is Up!

I am now offering plenty of services that include interior design, event design and of course access to my custom designed items for sale. My Snapshot Sessions are an easy way for me to help people who don’t live local but still give them the tools and information they need to create something beautiful. I am also offering my organizational services for those who need a little help getting their life in order. I am passionate about all of these things and cannot wait to work with new clients.

One of my main focuses for the business is to make my services available to everyone and that means they must be affordable. I take pride in my belief that you don’t need lots of money to have a beautiful home or throw an amazing event. I plan to prove this with Gray Star Design. I can guarantee my rates are less expensive than others in the field and that doesn’t mean you get less. It just means you hired a designer who truly cares about making people happy and doing what she loves.

So feel free to visit my site and take a look around. There is surely plenty to see and read. Like the many resources I include that are awesome shops and artists. And don’t forget to check out my team of experts who are the most talented people I know. They are all great to work with and are highly skilled and creative.

I hope you all enjoy what I have created! To keep up with what I am doing you can sign up for my newsletter and get updates and news. Until next time…