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I have loved carnivals since I was a child. The energy they hold is so unique. From the rides and games to all the yummy treats, you can’t deny yourself a good time. I took this photo a few months ago when it was still nice out. There was a carnival here in Brookhaven township and I had to go take some photos while I had the chance. Okay, okay, I will admit, it was purely for the zeppoles. They are my favorite!

While I watched the kids laugh and scream with glee on the swings, it brought me back to the good old days when we had no worries. We can simply enjoy ourselves without any stress or real life problems on our mind. I have been on this ride a few times in my day and it truly feels free. Legs swinging in the air, the wind kissing your cheeks and that floating feeling that just overcomes you is amazing. Such fun memories.

I decided to add an effect to the photograph to give it more of a vintage whimsy feel. I think it allows the image to breathe while feeling ever so light and airy. Just like how you feel when you ride the swings. What does this photo make you think of?

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