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Decorating your house with flowers is a great way to brighten up the interior and bring some color into your home. Creating beautiful flower arrangements at home is quite easy and almost anybody can learn how to do it. With a little practice you can even make them look quite professional.

How to Make Flower Arrangements

When decorating your home, you can use both fresh and dried flowers. Both can help you achieve great results. Even artificial or paper craft flowers can do the trick. All you need to do is to provide yourself with the proper materials.

How to Make Flower Arrangements

Carefully choose the proper colors. If you would like to accent a certain room in your house or use specific colors, you will have to do some pondering beforehand so that you are sure you will make the right decision. Pick what type of flowers you would like to use for your floral arrangement. If you enjoy being creative and don’t mind making new displays every other week, use fresh flowers. Some types of fresh flowers, like jasmine, for example, will grant your room with a magnificent aroma. However, if you are allergic to pollen, or would like a long-lasting arrangement, choose silk flowers.

How to Make Flower Arrangements

The room decor needs to be complemented by the colors you choose. If you are a beginner in this field, use the help of a color wheel. As complementary are considered the colors beside the one you have chosen. Similarly, contrasting are those that are on the opposite side. For example, if the main color theme of your room is yellow, pick a color that is next to the yellow color on the color wheel.

Before you actually start making the arrangements, make sure you have nice containers for them. You can use ceramic vases, large coffee mugs, wicker baskets, brass containers, sculpted clay or even small cardboard boxes. Don’t forget that you will need a watertight container if you use fresh flowers. According to the size of your container, cut an appropriate piece of floral foam which will fit just right. Glue it to the bottom of the container. If you are to be using fresh flowers, soak the foam once its glue dries. Thorns and lowers leaves are to be trimmed in order not to rot or mold in the water.

How to Make Flower Arrangements

Greenery as well as the tallest of the flowers should be arranged first. If the arrangement is to be a centerpiece, put them in the middle. If not, put them in the back. While arranging the rest of the display’s components, be careful not to create any single color patches. For instance, if you have a bunch of red flowers, do not place them all right next to each other, but rather put a yellow or a pink one with some greenery among them. This will break the patch.

How to Make Flower Arrangements

If your container of choice is a wooden box or a basket, use some trailing greenery which will soften the container’s sharp outline. Adding plain or scented candles is optional. However, if you decide to use such, make sure everything is properly trimmed in order to avoid setting your arrangement on fire.

As a final touch, you can attach a ribbon, preferably a silk one, which is to be changed throughout the year, in order to match the themes of the different holidays – a green on for St. Patrick’s Day, a red one for Valentine’s Day, red-white-blue one for Independence Day, etc. By making floral arrangements you will bring in bright color and mood in your home, which can last all year long.

Written by Daisy Hart