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If you spend a large amount of your free time in a particular room, there is a chance that at some point you have felt less than enthused about its décor. Becoming bored with one’s surroundings is not uncommon; in fact it is an entirely natural response. There are, however, several easy ways of ensuring your décor remains fresh, exciting and invigorating. These methods do not demand extensive redecoration nor do they possess a hefty price tag. Below is a video that outlines three ways to create different looks in the same room in an easy and affordable way.

Flexibility is about having the ability to provide change without a significant impact on the current situation. This means multiple small alterations instead of a significant reshuffle of a room.

Items such as scatter cushions and small ornaments are ideal for creating adaptability and the ability to create a multi design room. Instead of having a stockpile of different cushions that take up storage space, it pays to have a reserve of different cushion covers that can be used to create several alternative styles. When used in conjunction with similarly styled curtains or throws, one may alternate a room’s theme on a whim.
Creating a Flexible & Adaptable Room Theme
Photo Credit: West Elm

Creating a Flexible & Adaptable Room Theme
Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

Lighting is another easy way to increase the interest and function of a room. With the thoughtful implementation of task and accent lighting one can dramatically alter the usability and aesthetic impact of certain areas of a room. This can be achieved, for example, by adding a tall lamp to a dark corner of a room in order to relieve the sense of dreariness as well as provide useful illumination for activities such as reading.
Creating a Flexible & Adaptable Room Theme
Photo Credit: World Market

Creating a Flexible & Adaptable Room Theme
Photo Credit: Crate & Barrel

This is not the variety of pursuit that rewards the timid decorator in the sense that one must experiment and make mistakes in order to find what truly works in a particular room. No one room is exactly the same just as no one person’s tastes are alike. In the end, if you feel a sense of reinvigoration when you finish your decorating then you have achieved your goal.

{This article was written on behalf of OKA Direct by Matt Chappell. Matt regularly blogs about interior design and furniture, recently his main interest has been traditional furniture construction techniques.}