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As you get older, there are times you look back upon your life and think of the good old days when everything was much simpler. Of course there may have still been real life things to deal with but being young meant the world was yours to take. There was no doubt there would be obstacles in your way. However, good times are always what you remember and keeping those memories alive is something we all cherish.

For this Inspiration Photo Friday, I wanted to go back to a time when music was my life.  I always loved to dance so it was a given I would get involved in the party scene during my teen years. From Jersey to Florida, I explored many of these “raves” with great friends and good people I met along the way. During this time I also experimented with a lot of mind altering substances and I am sure you can imagine the stories I can tell. Like I said, being young is bliss. For me, it meant being fearless. I wanted to experience everything that came my way and then some.

My friend, Kade, sent me this photo awhile ago. When I saw it I was in awe because it brought me back to a time in my life I hold so close. The excitement of the night to come, the many people I’d meet and friends I’d run into, and how could I forget the amazing music. Dancing all night for hours on end, sweating my ass off – those were the days. Every party was a journey, a vacation for my mind. Boy, do I miss it.

In the picture is my best friend Heather {squatting} and my friend Asunta from Florida who was visiting New York at the time {white shirt}. And there I am with one of my infamous poses, blue hat and Polo shirt. All the other kids are people we would chill with at parties. I believe this was early in the morning after an all nighter in the city. And I am sure we had an amazing time.

I will never forget all those good times. I was upset to see it end when the scene started changing but it wasn’t was it used to be. A whole new generation took over and it was transformed. My friends and I just didn’t fit in anymore. Maybe its because we were growing up, who knows. All I know for sure is life was once crazy and fun and all we cared about was each other and the new adventures that would come our way. Back in the day we ruled the world and I will never forget it.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Back in the Day