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As we all know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I never really cared much for the holiday but ever since Dan asked me to marry him 2 years ago, on this day, it gave a whole new meaning to the word Valentine. Because he chose this day to propose, it was unexpected and very sweet. He knew I wouldn’t think he would ask me on a holiday since we both felt that’s a little lame to do. Unfortunately, his original plan didn’t work out so he went with plan b. And of course I said yes! Such a sweet and personal experience indeed. It all ended with a gorgeous ring and a big kiss.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Timing

Then, exactly a year later, Dan and I moved into our first home we bought together. The process was extremely exhausting and while also planning our wedding, it was quite overwhelming. Closing on the house was very gratifying, I must say. We were officially homeowners! We celebrated with glee. Then we got to work on the DIY renovations before we moved in. It just worked out that the 14th was the day we actually moved in and slept in the house. Even though we were catching our beauty sleep on the floor in the living room, we were super happy and felt very lucky to have our dream home.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Timing

We have gone through so much in our house already and the memories just keep on adding up. It has been nice to see all the changes it has gone through since we moved in and made it ours. One of my favorite parts of house is the backyard. It’s cool to see how back there has evolved and changed throughout the year as well.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Timing
Inspiration Photo Friday: Timing
Inspiration Photo Friday: Timing
Inspiration Photo Friday: Timing

I just feel that most of the time, it all comes down to timing. Coincidences don’t really exist, fate is constantly at work. The 14th is clearly a meaningful number for Dan and I. This year we had such a great day, another memory to add to the list. I have always been infatuated with numbers and patterns and can’t help looking deeper into things when they happen, especially when it involves numbers. Here are my thoughts on this.

The equation: 1+4=5
Dating back to the Pythagoreans, the number 5 represents love and marriage. Hence, Dan and I getting engaged. One by itself is known as the generator of all numbers and 4, stood for justice and order. As a whole, I see that as a message saying we have come together to start something that will bring order and completion to our lives. Because of our love and fate, we will share vows of marriage and honor. Having moved in our first home a year later only proves our course is positive and evolving.

To dive a little deeper we go into the original equation of when we got engaged:
2+1+4+2+0+1+1=11 {1+1}= 2 – You can read more about this number below

To me, its really that simple. When you include the day we first met and the day we got married, just for fun, it gets even more awesome. Our anniversary is the 11th and August of 2008 is when our relationship officially started.
So you have 8+1+1+2+0+0+8=20{0+2}= 2
The number two is the first female number and stands for opinion and division. This number is an important and memorable number in our existence. Just think of all the pairs there are: body parts, yin & yang, sun & moon, etc.. – you simply “can’t have one without the other” idea. This is a great starting point for Dan and I as our relationship would indeed justify the meaning of this number, we were a pair.

Then you take the date we got married. 5+2+0+2+0+1+2=12 {1+2}= 3
The number three is considered a masculine number and by combining one and two, it represents harmony. I couldn’t think of anything else more perfect to explain our wedding day.

Then to sum it all up you take {2} when our relationship started, {2} when we got engaged and {3} the day we got married and put them all into an equation to equal {7}. The number seven represents the natural world and most cannot exist without it. In religious circles its celebrated for many reasons as well as having importance in geometry, astronomy and science. It is known as the number of the Seeker in astrology and has characteristics that represent both the personalities of Dan and I. Doing all this analyzing is surely interesting!

So, think about the experiences you have had and what part timing has played to make it memorable. I can bet, when you break things down and see its hidden patterns, you will find that everything happens for a reason. And its not about justification, because how your life pans out is certainly supposed to unfold in that way. It’s about delving into deeper realms to understand, on a human level, how to make sense of the things that happen to us. Expand your mind and you will see all the truths and possibilities.