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It’s a sad time when people you know or knew have passed away. Even if you are not close with them, it hits you at the core, and forces you to put life in perspective. Unfortunately, I have had many people in my life leave this Earth too soon, both family and friends. It is certainly not something I like to think about or remember, considering the upsetting thoughts that remain.

Yesterday, I heard, yet again, that a friend I knew growing up has died. I don’t know all the facts and am not even sure how it happened but it upsets me, to say the least. His name is Mike and he was a really good guy. We were neighbors in an apartment complex when I was a teenager and saw each other pretty much every day for the time I lived there. When I got older, around 15 or so, I started to hang out with him and his friends a little more, which led to us becoming closer. Back in the day, we surely had good times.

We roamed the streets together, explored different types of drugs together and got into trouble together. We were all a crew and Mike was someone who you could just count on. At least I did. About 10 or so years ago, his brother died of an overdose, which surprised us all. I was still living in New Jersey at this point so my mother and I went to the funeral. Years passed since I saw Mike but just recently, about 8 months ago, I saw him and a few other guys from our old crew at a benefit for a friend. It was really nice to see them all. I am so happy, especially now, that I got to see Mike and catch up. Who knew it would be the last time I would be able to?

Inspiration Photo Friday: Fallen Souls - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena
Mike, Tony & Jimmy – June 8, 2012

There are fallen souls all around us. We don’t want to think of it but we know some people just let the worst of life get to them. It’s sad in so many ways. Every time I saw Mike nothing had really changed. When we talked, it seemed like everything was the same. I definitely couldn’t say that about my life as I have moved on and explored so many new things. I think some people just get stuck. Although they have made their own choices in life to be where they are, maybe it would have been different if they were led down a brighter path.

Take the time to appreciate who you have in your life and surround yourself with positive people. When you know a soul who has fallen, just hope they are in a better place. Picture them smiling and feeling happy, once and for all. I now have another friend who will be remembered and memories that shall be locked away forever. Tucked for good in a place that no one can get to. There, they will live on and be safe. Something I surely wish for Mike…xo

Mike,  Jimmy & Tony – June 8, 2012