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By the simple fact that the word “hipster” is mentioned in the title of this post, we know that “best” is a very relative term see-sawing uncertainly back and forth between irony and perfect sincerity, depending on context and possibly the weather. What we can say with certainty is that the following bits of genius are very hipster indeed. Let’s take a look at some of the best of twenty-teen décor.

Jackalope Taxidermy
As far as ironic wall-mounts go nothing quite beats a jackalope. It makes an interesting visual on its own while simultaneously mocking the half of Americans that go out and shoot wild animals and then hang them on their walls for decoration. If your other hipster décor is sparse and people don’t know what to make of your eclectic tastes, you could get some good laughs by convincing more gullible individuals that the jackalope is a real animal; after all, you’ve got its head hanging on your wall.
Guest Post: The Best of Hipster Decor
Photo Credit: Flickr

Vintage Appliances
There is something uniquely charming about an old school refrigerator from the 50s and their rounded shape with the non-regular sized or totally absent freezer compartments. It makes a great statement piece, and unlike newer refrigerators come with a bit of personality. Modern refrigerators typically come in chrome, white, and black, and that’s about it as far as your options are concerned. Older refrigerators were (and are!) available in a much larger variety of colors, and can be used to put a bright splash of color in your kitchen.
Guest Post: The Best of Hipster Decor
Photo Credit: Oh Gracie Pie

The beauty of paintings is that while it’s preferred that you only hang up the most exclusive and obscure artists, you’re free to do just about anything you like. If you choose to ironically hang up only the most well-known and tired cliché pieces in art history, like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, you can still maintain a consistent hipster vibe by liking it ironically.
Guest Post: The Best of Hipster Decor
Photo Credit: The Bare Square

80s Video Game Consoles
Even though most hipsters typically aren’t old enough to remember the 80s they do love those nostalgic gaming consoles. Setting the Sega SG-1000 that you found at a garage sale for 4 dollars next to the iMac on your desk shows people that you have good taste. Remember to keep it hooked up to your flat screen or you’ll look like a poser, though it’s always legitimate to assert that the poser hipster crowd has ruined it by making it way too mainstream for you in the last few months, and that you’re planning on throwing it out.
Guest Post: The Best of Hipster Decor
Photo Credit: Nintendo Wikia

Record Player/Record Collection
A hipster is not a hipster without a vintage record player and a collection of low quality indie music. If you don’t enjoy indie music you can get away with listening to obscure classical musicians like Berwald, Glazunov, or Tveitt. The most important thing is that when you put on your tunes, no one but your closest co-hipsters should know what they’re listening to. Because of advancing technologies and the evolving hipster genre it’s now appropriate to use not only the hipster standard record players, but also tape decks, and even CD players. Before the decade is out it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if any physical media storage (even by USB stick) becomes a mark of hipsterdom.
Guest Post: The Best of Hipster Decor
Photo Credit: Muses of Megret

{Written by Edward Stuart}