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My husband and I love Maine. We first visited the beautiful state a few years ago and said we would definitely go back. Since our first year wedding anniversary is coming up in May, we have been thinking of places to go for vacation to celebrate. We can’t afford anything crazy so dream trips like going to Italy are out of the question, sadly. But the other day I thought of Maine and how much we loved it. It kind of made sense to go back and explore the things we didn’t get to see last time.

It will be our first trip with our new dog, Jenny, which should be cool. And yes, we bring our dogs with us on vacation. They are a part of the family aren’t they? I think I would be a wreck if I was away from them for more than a few days, never mind a week or two. So, a family trip it will be!

I am hoping for two weeks away, which would be so nice. I could use the time off for sure. Now that winter seems to be slowing down a bit, hints of spring are near. It’s making me anxious for the warmer weather. Spring, I must say, is one of my favorite seasons. It’s a time for rebirth and growth. The flowers start to bloom, gardening gets fun again, the trees come alive – its just so beautiful.

The last time we were in Maine, it was late September and pretty cool over there. Now that we are planning to go in May, it is going to be such a different experience. I can’t wait! The cool crisp air and warm sun, the gorgeous blue skies and soft ivory clouds, the amazing landscape that always surrounds you. Maine is so close to our hearts and we are so excited to give our love back once more.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Maine on my Mind - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena