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Written by Ella Andrews

Many people will say that using pink in your home is a bold decision and it will not make the place more comfortable or cozy. It is also believed to be a childish color that people associate with spoiled teenage girls and some consider using it in your home decor quite inappropriate. Pink may not be a very popular color when decorating your space but the truth is that when its done with style this type it can actually do a lot good to one’s place.

Decorate Your Home in Pink
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The first and most important thing you need to understand is that no one is telling you to paint your walls all over in pink. What you should actually do is use the color as an accent in various combinations. There are a lot of choices you can pick from that will make your home stylish. Just be extremely careful you don’t cross that thin line between stylish and childish decoration.

Pink can bring a soft, emotional mood in your home. You can combine it with different colors such as green, light blue, yellow, white, and even gray. You will be surprised of how unconventional and yet modern these combinations look. Other interesting combinations are also dots on pink background or a blue wall with beautiful large pink flowers on it. A half painted pink wall is also worth considering. However, if you still insist on having your walls completely painted in pink then you should use paintings in black and white to decorate to break up the color. Or at least use pictures with black frames.

Decorate Your Home in Pink
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You can also use pink in the details. Choose proper Battersea furniture, like a sofa or an arm chair, that is painted in pink but do not use this color for your other furniture. Another option is to turn your attention to tiny details such as a rug, decorative cushions, or table covers. Items in pink are easily distinguished among other things so you do not have to worry that they will remain unnoticed among all your other room furnishing and decoration.

Decorate Your Home in Pink
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Pink is suitable for all rooms in your home. It will look as good in the bathroom as it will in the kitchen or the bedroom. As a matter of fact, pink is extremely suitable for your working space as it brings a cheerful mood and inspiration while you are working. There is no need to mention that pink is the perfect choice for your small daughters bedroom.

Decorate Your Home in Pink
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And finally a bit of advice: if you are not sure how you would feel in a place totally decorated in pink you can simply check it out first. Choose a room in your home and add a few pink accents. If you do not find it too much you can go ahead with using the color for decorating the whole place.