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You can always look to Mother Earth for inspiration and guidance. Whether its peering out your window on a snowy day or being surrounded by an endless forest of trees, she is there to lead the way. I am constantly being influenced by the Earth and among my travels, my experiences have been seriously amazing.

On our trip to Maine a few years ago, we were loving the cabin on the water we were staying in. To look outside and see that first thing in the morning was really nice. There is something about water that is refreshing and peaceful, it truly touches a part of your soul. Our trip was awesome, to say the least. We did a lot of exploring and relaxing, which a vacation should be. There are many memories we created while visiting.

One, in particular, really was inspiring though. We took a boat ride out into the ocean and got to see views of Maine we would of never have got to see on land. It was fantastic! Even though it was cold and our faces were almost frozen, we enjoyed every minute of it. I took so many photos because I didn’t want to miss anything. But even though I was on guard with the camera shooting, I silently took it all in and was taken back by the beauty that surrounded us.

This photo almost sums up our boat trip. Even though the ocean is wild and has millions of lifeforms calling it home, it’s peaceful, serene, and calming. The sky offers a horizon so beautiful it can be a painting and the clouds seem weightless, like fluffy streams of cotton. How can you not be inspired by such an amazing view.

It reminds me that life is an endless journey. Just like the vast open sea, there are so many experiences just waiting for us to take and make our own, tons of possibilities to prove, and millions of things to learn and share. This endless journey doesn’t have to be something you fear, for the Earth has given us so much to support our adventures. You just have to walk the distance and open your eyes to what is being shown. There is always more to see.

So if you just look a little deeper and expand your vision, you will realize how important each experience really is. You’re not truly alive unless you’re really living. Create, share, inspire, love, and laugh. These are things that move you farther and deeper into happiness and I wish you all a spectacular journey.

Inspiration Photo Friday: The Vast Open Sea - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena