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Everybody needs to get away. There is no doubt about it. Just about anyone you meet would benefit from a little sun and sand, but between family and work obligations it can seem impossible to find time to run errands, much less run away for a bit. With a little humor and creativity, you can create a relaxing getaway at home.

Exotic Food
Challenge yourself by preparing a meal from a foreign land. Try something you’ve never had before, visit a restaurant that serves exotic cuisine, and attempt a cooking method that is completely unfamiliar. You may find a new favorite dish, and even if it doesn’t go as planned, with the right attitude you’ll still appreciate the adventure.
Guest Post - Staycation: Create Exotic Get-Aways at Home
Photo Credit: Conveyor Belt Sushi

There are beautiful landmarks and historic points of interest just about anywhere you may live, and yet we are all guilty of ignoring these activities, always swearing we’ll do it another time. I lived in Arizona for 18 years before I ever saw The Grand Canyon, and that was only on my way out of the state. Take advantage of whatever your area has to offer, and learn a little bit more about your region. If that doesn’t appeal to you, take a spa day, go to an art show, or visit the local farmers’ market you’ve been meaning to check out.
Guest Post - Staycation: Create Exotic Get-Aways at Home
Photo Credit: Janefury

I know it can be difficult, but try taking a hiatus from the tech. Institute a ban for the weekend on cell phones, televisions, and computers. Insist that this time be respected like a real vacation, where the only entertainment is either fun or family. I know… it sounds awful. If you can’t pull it off for the weekend, at least try to limit digital time as well as you can.
Guest Post - Staycation: Create Exotic Get-Aways at Home
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Remodeling your home to give it that exotic feel for the sake of a weekend ‘can’t-quite-get-away’ is asking an awful lot, but there are ways that you can make your home feel fresh and at least a little unfamiliar. Spruce up your bedroom by buying brand new sheets, pillows, and curtains. Invest in some outdoor furniture for a little alfresco dining. Purchase a series of photographs from an exotic location you’d like to visit or create a window to wherever you want with an entire mural scene on custom printed wallpaper.
Guest Post - Staycation: Create Exotic Get-Aways at Home
Photo Credit: Metaphorical Platypus

{Chris Garrett is a freelance writer for the custom printed wallpaper experts at Megaprint. He is an amateur photographer and he frequently blogs on the topics of design and large format printing. Chris lives in Oregon with his beautiful wife and two children. He is fascinated by the way that art and technology come together in the field of design, and he never gets tired of learning and writing about the newest ways we can personalize the spaces where we live and work.}