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As we get older, we should be getting smarter. Learning from experience is the best way to move forward in life. I actually enjoy getting older for this reason. Looking back on my life I am happy and proud of what I have accomplished and where I am today.

Birthdays are supposed to be fun. Celebrating with friends and family is always a good time. It’s crazy, but when you think about it, that person was on this Earth for that long. My husband, Dan, turns 31 today and I am happy to be a part of him getting older. Watching him grow into the man he is today has been interesting. Especially, since I am 2 years older than him. It is now going on 5 years that we are together and he is a great friend as well as an awesome husband, and I love him with all my heart. Even though he can be a pain in the ass sometimes 🙂

So for inspiration, I wanted to remind everyone that birthdays are landmarks for all of us. They become the point in your life when you can look back and see how far you’ve come. Are you happy with where you are? They are also a great time to appreciate how long you or your loved one have been here, in this life. Be happy to be alive and share all the birthday love you have for the occasion. Before you know it, another year will have passed by and another journey begins.

This photo was taken of Dan years ago, one morning after he woke up. It still remains one of my all time favorite photos of him. My sweets ♥

Inspiration Photo Friday: Birthday Love - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena