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I have always been animal lover. Having various pets as a child, growing up around them was normal for me. I loved going to the zoo and watching movies about them and when I actually got to pet them and interact, it made my day. It really is no surprise I would be a vegetarian one day, it was just a matter of learning the facts and opening my eyes to what is really happening in this world.

It’s now going on four years and I am so happy I live this way. It has truly helped me to be more open and loving, even more than I was before, and pushed me to try new foods and healthier choices. The main thing this lifestyle has given me is the ability to love animals and the Earth much greater than I ever have. And I believe it will just get stronger as the years go by.

I just wanted to share this awesome feeling and hope to inspire all of you to appreciate the natural world around you as well as all the beautiful creatures living on it. My two dogs, Olive and Jenny, remind me everyday how amazing animals really are. They are my sunshine in the morning and my moon at night. They are loyal, loving, and very sweet. Not to mention, unique in their own ways. I just don’t know what I do without them.

My plan for the future is to have a small farm so I can give a few awesome animals a good home. I would love to have chickens, pigs, and maybe even a cow or two. Goats are pretty cool as well, I’m sure they would bring a little adventure to the group. A tiny pony would be a bonus! And of course I would love to have more dogs. If it wasn’t for my husband, I would have more now. I just love animals so much, I can’t resist wanting to take care of them and making sure they are safe and happy.

So, happy inspiration photo friday! I ask you all to open your eyes and hearts to the world of animals and really see them for what they are, amazing individuals who are just as important as we are. Imagine the world without them for just one minute. To me, that’s hell. And since we are surrounded by such incredible creatures, this surely must be heaven.

{Olive, 5 and Jenny, 3.5}
Inspiration Photo Friday: Animal Love