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My husband and I are finally fully renovating our kitchen. It has been a little over a year we are in the house and feel its time to take on the project. What was done before was only temporary until we had the funds and the time to get it done so you can imagine how excited I am to see my dream kitchen alive.

This is the first space I’ve designed from scratch and have really enjoyed the process. I want an authentic vintage kitchen so collecting items for the space has taken some time. We started a few months ago, visiting antique shops every weekend until we collected everything we were looking for. The whole room will be free standing pieces, nothing is installed or connected to the walls like cabinetry would be. So finding exactly what we wanted and making sure we had enough storage space was a task all in itself.

We were lucky to have found the perfect pieces at great prices, which helped out a lot considering our budget wasn’t big. Everything has been painted the same color to bring cohesion to the space. Whites and creams will grace the room beautifully. Thanks to Ikea, we were able to get a butcher block countertop at an affordable price and the sink cabinet is being built from scratch, another design I am excited about. When you can’t find what you want, build it!

We purchased wood planks for the ceiling and painted them white as well. And because of our budget, we chose laminate planks for the floor in a nice neutral, honey tone. The new schoolhouse lighting I chose will truly bring the vintage charm to the space and the large piece of art we had custom framed will look gorgeous. Every detail was thought of when it came to this renovation. Floor plans were drawn, measurements were taken, and I considered every inch of the room so we can really maximize the space. I’d have to say, its the most dedication I’ve had for a project in a long time and I know it will all pay off.

So for this inspiration photo friday, I wanted to share my inspirations for our kitchen renovation, since this project has been a focus for some time now. I looked to these and saw elements I loved. Then made them work for our space and combined them in way that worked with our budget. I feel its really important to have a starting point, some kind of inspiration to work off of. And these truly helped my creativity and determination.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Renovation Dedication
Photo Credit: House of Anais

Inspiration Photo Friday: Renovation Dedication
Photo Credit: {Left} Unknown {Right} Kitchen Building

We are currently in the middle of the process and are ready for demo. Everything is getting ripped out, walls and all. Besides my uncle helping us with the drywall, Dan and I are doing this all by ourselves and we couldn’t be more excited. We are DIY all the way and when its all finished, we can look back and be proud of what we accomplished. It just proves that with true dedication, you can do anything. Check back for my before and after photos soon as well as a detailed post about the project.