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Mother’s Day, to me, is a day to say thanks to the women in your lives who have made a difference and truly inspire. Yes, your mother is on top of that list, but its also your grandmother, aunts, and any women you know who is a fantastic mom. My mom, Nancy, is a unique individual. She has been through a lot and continues to stay strong as best she can. Being a single mother was hard enough but she raised me well and taught me a lot of great things, especially how to be an independent and confident woman. I thank her for that the most.

When I was a teenager, our lives were like a roller coaster. It was rough. And even though we were separated for a while as the years went by, and our relationship had its ups and downs, we still respect and love each other. As much as my mom has seen me grow, I have seen her grow into the mom and woman she is today. Of course, there are always lessons to be learned and at times life will make it truly hard to move forward, but she does move forward despite what’s in her way.

Today, she lives with an injury that has basically left her disabled, as she can’t work anymore. Her nerve problems don’t allow her to live a normal life and she needs help more than often to do everyday things. Living on medication for her pain and having to walk with a cane, are just two of the things she has had to get used to, and believe me, she hates it. She can’t even drive anymore, unless its a very short trip and she is feeling up for it. The whole situation sucks. This was the main reason for her moving here to NY to be close to me and family.

Despite our differences and issues we’ve had years ago, I love my mom very much. I am proud of her for tackling the obstacles that have been in her way and for staying true to who she is. I like to think of when I was a kid and all the fun times we had. We were two peas in a pod. When I look back at pictures we both look so happy. That is why I chose this photo for Inspiration Photo Friday. It’s one of my favorites because it captures just that, happiness. That is all I ever wanted for my mom and I hope that one day she can be truly happy again.