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Throughout my life, I’ve had to reinvent myself many times in order to adapt to change. We all do. I don’t mean become a different person, I just mean evolving and growing at a faster pace. Some people have a hard time doing that but I just never had a choice, so I got used to it. You really learn a lot about yourself when life is a constant challenge. I always felt it was healthy to seek out the “new” within you because you never know what you will discover.

I took this photo the other day in our backyard. We have two cherry trees which always bloom in the spring and grow the cutest plump cherries in the summer. I love watching the process. We also have a small pear tree not too far from them, but I never really pay attention to it because it just doesn’t really grow. Well, the other day I visited the tree and to my surprise there were tiny pears hanging off its branches. This really made me smile.

It’s moments like this that remind me of how life can be funny, yet intense. There are new and exciting things out there, right in front of you, that are just waiting for you to discover them. Some may be scary or sad, but it’s these things that inspire growth and change and push you to see more of you are, as well as who you can be. Some may even remind you of who you once were.

Today, I still encounter challenges on a daily basis. They keep my thoughts flowing and my determination to move forward, right on the surface. The strength and patience I have gained throughout the years surely make a big difference in my battles as well. This all makes up “me”. And because of all the times I had to seek within myself to persevere, I have discovered there is an endless amount of beauty that will always remain. No one can destroy it or take it away because it’s all mine. And I promise myself to let it shine every new day I have on this Earth. Okay “life”, bring it on. I’m ready for your next journey.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Seek and Discover - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena