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This past week or so has been super nice around Long Island. Even though its late summer, there has been a break in the hot weather and keeping cool has been much easier. I am loving it. Especially, since I am not a fan of the warmer season. And its interesting because my home, as well as Dan and myself, have been undergoing a change as well. Not to mention, friends and family around us. It’s like the weather helped guide us all to something new or different.

Being able to have all the windows open in our home, instantly changes how it feels in here. Letting the fresh air in, as well as the sweet sounds of birds chirping, helps me to relax and feel more at peace. If there is a way I can let nature in, I take it. Just thinking about fall and how close it is, makes me so happy. So all this cool weather has been holding me over till September rolls around. I can’t wait.

The photo below was taken this morning. It’s of various plants and herbs we planted in our patio garden box. It’s amazing to see how everything has grown since we put them in the ground, it truly fascinates me. All the little bugs that call this garden home have a safe place to be and each plant gets to thrive to its fullest potential. I am sure they have been loving this cooler weather as well.

I feel your surroundings have a major impact on how you feel and live your life. During the summer, my husband and I feel a little trapped because we don’t like the heat. Whereas fall brings a whole new world. The fact that we’ve been keeping cool much more lately, allows us to have a more positive outlook and enjoy our surroundings a lot more. To feel happy within ourselves and to see the world around us grow and evolve, makes all the difference.