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Who doesn’t know Nirvana? Growing up in the 90s, I was highly attracted to grunge rock and the lifestyle that it came with. Among that scene were a handful of bands that helped paved the way for young kids everywhere to speak their minds and to do it loudly. Nirvana was one of those bands, for sure.

Their third album, In Utero, came out in 1993. It was slightly different in style from their recent, Nevermind, with a more intellectual sound. The album art was clever and nicely done, as it featured a woman with clear skin adorned with a set of wings. The insides of her body is reminiscent of a medical drawing. The colors are what you would expect considering the anatomy of the human body. Warm hues such as orange and red stand out among lighter creams and yellows.

Sadly, this was Nirvana’s last album with the death of Kurt Cobain. I will never forget the day it was announced on TV. My friends and I just couldn’t believe it. Always in our hearts Kurt ♥

Sound in Color: Nirvana - In Utero