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So this weekend, my husband and I are taking a little trip to Spring City, Pennsylvania for a 2 day getaway. The whole reason we are going is to visit Pennhurst Asylum, an authentic haunted place that been transformed into a public attraction. We are both very excited to go and experience this historic hospital. Our love for abandoned places and haunted areas has brought us to a few good spots in the past so to add this one to our list is pretty awesome.

I am also looking forward to having a day to relax, something I rarely get to do. We are staying in a cottage on a historic farm and the surrounding area is really gorgeous. Exactly what we both need right now. Some peace and quiet and chill time. But of course, to start off the 2 day vaca, Pennhurst it is.

Because Halloween is this month, stuff like this helps keep that creepy vibe throughout the month. This takes me back to when my friend and I were in California and visited Alcatraz. Even though it was during the day, the whole place was dark inside. You were really able to get a feel of the environment and sense the history while you walked around. Of course, I was running around like a mad woman trying to get as many photos as I could, but I did stop here and there to take it all in. Definitely a memory I will never forget.

The photo below was one I took while we exploring the jail. There was something about how the light came in through the window and just lit up the decaying walls so perfectly, as if they were glowing. The worn tiles on the floor truly showed its years of use but had aged to a pretty metallic under the sunlight. The space was hauntingly beautiful.

When it comes to fear, we all wish we weren’t afraid of certain things. However, sometimes its this emotion that can awaken the soul and truly inspire. I have always loved nightmarish movies, scary stories, and haunted places. There is just something about being scared, the thrill of the unknown, that is invigorating. It’s been quite some time but I am truly ready.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Hauntings - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena