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I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for awhile. My best friend Meg and her daughter Leona Faye are coming to visit later tonight and I can’t wait. I don’t get to see them much because they live in Jersey, so when they come, I am always super excited.

Besides catching up and hanging at the house, we are going to Benner’s Farm tomorrow for an afternoon of pumpkin picking and visiting with the farm animals. I have been wanting to go this particular farm for a few years now so its nice to finally go. And to spend some time with my favorite girls and all the awesome animals will surely make for a great day. After, we will carve our pumpkins and have a relaxing night.

Below is a photo I took back in 2011 at the Queens County Farm Museum where we had our wedding. Being at a farm just feels like home for me. The fresh smells, bountiful gardens, and of course the beautiful animals that really call it home. I have always loved how aware they are most of the time. When they look at you, you really feel it. Making contact with an animal is not like a human, it’s very different. There is just something about it that truly makes my heart skip a beat.

I have taken countless photographs of animals along my journeys and each one of them is unique and fascinating. They have such wonderful personalities, and to witness that is a gift. I love when I visit a farm or sanctuary and know in my heart the animals there are taken care of and safe. We all deserve to have a home sweet home.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Weekend Fun - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena