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I haven’t listened to The Strokes in awhile but they are a band I respect and enjoy very much. Formed in 1998, this NY rock band creates unique music that has a nostalgic feel. Casablancas’ voice was always a favorite of mine, heartwarming and sincere. Their third album, Room on Fire, was released in 1993 and includes some really great tracks like What Ever Happened, Reptilia, The End Has No End, and I Can’t Win. All the songs on the album are really awesome though. Everything is so damn catchy, you wonder how they do it.

The album art was designed by pop artist Peter Phillips, and developed from another painting, War/Game, he created in the 60s. It uses the primary colors and darker hues expressed side by side which visually stimulates the canvas. Hence, the name pop art. Although the piece is muted and the colors are heavy, it does create a nice balance between light and dark, which you can also say about the album itself.

Sound in Color: The Strokes: Room on Fire