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In life, only you can create your own happiness. When things get rough, toughen up and get through it. When sadness takes over, wipe those tears and appreciate all the good things you have. When devastation hits, take time to greive then get back on your feet. No one is as responsible as you when it comes to your life. This is why you need to rule your kingdom.

We all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them. Otherwise, you will continue to run in circles and never get anywhere. Of course there are people that will help you along the way. They will inspire, intrigue, show you love, and support you on your journey. But they are not responsible for your true happiness. That is only something you can create for yourself.

It’s funny. There are people in my life that are doing great and expecting many amazing things in the future, some that are going through hardship and heartbreak, and others who remain stagnant and miserable. All these different types of situations have been caused by their individual choices. So in essence, they have created this journey, every step of the way, on their own. And because they are all different, each will find his or her way along a positive path or a negative one.

It always bothered me when people complained about things they have total control of. If you aren’t happy, just change what you need to. I know its not easy sometimes but you just have to be strong. Involving everyone around you and making them deal with your problems is selfish, especially when you aren’t taking the steps to change it. Eventually, people will keep their distance and not want to be involved, which I don’t blame. No one is a lost cause unless they allow themselves to be.

I have experienced a lot in my life and can proudly say that I overcame all the hell that came my way on my own because I am a strong person. As I got older, I continued to deal with curve balls and had to take detours along the way, but nonetheless, I succeeded and created my own happiness through it all. I am lucky to have such amazing friends and family to support me and they truly play a part in my life story. However, I am the one who lived it and I am the one who got myself where I am today.

Below is a photo of me at 16 years old. A total opposite of who I am today. At this time in my life, I was fearless. I consumed all sorts of drugs, were always around my friends, partied whenever I could, and recently dropped out of high school. I rebelled every chance I could because I was bored and uninspired. I wasn’t a bad kid, just wanted to see and taste the world around me. The one thing that wasn’t different was my love for art. This has been my one true passion all my life.

So, for me to stand here, a happily married woman, BFA graduate, homeowner, and business owner, you can say I am damn proud of myself. I could write a book about my life, seriously, oh the stories I could tell, and the fact that I evolved into the woman I am today just proves you can create a journey that is powerful and positive. I chose to not break down because I am worth so much more. I knew what I always wanted and I made it happen. I may have gotten there later than I planned, but I made it, with tons of lessons along the way.

The world doesn’t owe you anything. You were put here to live a unique life all your own. Be positive and stay strong, you will get there in the end. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel as long as you believe there is. Being the ruler of your kingdom is a tough job but one you are born to do. It’s the one job you have to do best. And once you truly realize that, you are gold.

Inspiration Photo Friday: You Rule Your Kingdom