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So 2013 has come to an end. I’m sure it has been a memorable year for everyone, whether it was tough to get through or really great, time has given us all things to look back on. For me, it has certainly been one full of many gifts, surprises, and wonderful moments. I am so thankful for the people I have in my life and the beautiful space I can call home. Having such a comforting and inspiring environment to wake up to everyday is an amazing thing to have. My husband, Dan and I worked so hard to create it, we can truly call it ours.

I am also grateful for Gray Star Design becoming the little business it is today. A year ago I took a dive into the event field and chose another path for my work, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to all my past clients who chose my designs and all my future clients I will someday meet, if it wasn’t for you Gray Star Design wouldn’t be as much of a success as it is. I truly love what I do. My life feels more complete now that I have the business and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

There will be lots of changes to the blog coming soon. I have decided to end my Inspiration Photo Friday series and focus more on various palettes that will inspire all aspects of design and events. My Sound in Color series will continue, but will be slightly edited, and I will start posting a lot more. It has been a busy year for me and sadly the blog has taken a backseat. But I promise to show it a lot more love in the coming year.

And it wouldn’t be a 2013 to remember without these events and milestones:
– my Mom moving back to New York
– Dan’s band Thracian getting signed to Monolithic Records
– my cousin Diana becoming pregnant with her first child, and its a girl!
– celebrating our first wedding anniversary in Massachusetts
– working my first craft fair as Gray Star Design
– our kitchen and half bath renovation
– the arrival of my brother in law’s daughter, Everleigh Rose
– saw Baroness live and had a meet and greet with the band
– saw Silversun Pickups live, I love them!
– celebrated 5 years with my husband
– finally met my friends daughter Anastasia and celebrated her 1st birthday
– our fall trip to Pennsylvania and visit to Pennhurst Asylum
– visiting Benner’s Farm with my best friend Meg and her daughter, Leona
– my friend Lizzy becoming pregnant with her second child, and its a boy!
– my cousin Diana’s baby shower
– my dog Olive turning 6 years old
– our master bath renovation
– my friend John and his wife Dena having their son, Soren Robert
– putting up our first big xmas tree in the house and hosting xmas eve for the first time
– my husband’s cousin Nicole becoming pregnant with her second child
– my friend Sunny getting engaged
– my cousin Diana and her husband becoming parents to their little girl, Scarlett Wynn

So many blessings and things to be happy about, how can I say anything other that 2013 being a great year. As for 2014, I can promise lots of change for Dan and I. Besides our finances, our marriage will only get stronger as we prepare for a family. I look forward to all the good things that will come our way as well as any hardships we must tackle. Bring it on!

I wish you all a happy and safe new year! Until next time…