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This week my good friends over at Night Owl Paper Goods shared with me a new collection they are offering and its really is something beautiful. They teamed up with mixed media artist, Dolan Geiman, and created a truly unique collection of paper goods, wood calendars, and notebooks. It makes sense that these two would collaborate since the earth and nature are on top of both their inspiration lists. With a passion for the environment, as well as floral and fauna motifs and modern-yet-folksy style, you can see how they can easily create a magical line of products together.

Geiman’s work is highly influenced by the outdoors and mixed with southern style, which is clearly shown through his folk creations. He is a trained artist in printmaking and sculpture and has a wide range of mediums from painting and collage to 3-D assemblage. You might have seen his work featured in various media like Fossil, Anthropologie, Pendleton and more. He is an advocate for green design and business and currently works in Chicago with his wife but was born and raised in Virginia. I highly recommend you check out his work, its beautiful.

Dolan Geiman + Night Owl Paper Goods

The big debut was this week at the National Stationary Show in NYC from May 18 to today and I am sure it was a big hit. Here is a little peek into the collection. Enjoy!

Dolan Geiman + Night Owl Paper Goods