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A person’s workspace is where they should have the freedom to be creative and let their ideas run wild. I am very organized and cannot work in chaos so my studio has an area for everything. My desk is always clean of clutter and I try to dress it up a bit with cool accessories and plants to brighten up the space. My other work station is where I do all of my paper cutting and shipping. It’s also where my paper and current orders are held, along with the things I need to wrap up an order, etc. I incorporated lots of things I love in this area to make it more fun and interesting.

In My Studio

I have two bookshelves that house tons of books. They are all organized by theme/subject. I filled with the walls with artwork my husband and I have done, plus other prints and art we love. I think its important to be surrounded by art everywhere I am in the house so you will find it in every room.

In My Studio

Then there is the little lounge area where my dogs love to hang out and keep me company all day, as Jenny is demonstrating in the photo. The last space is the closet, which I have reorganized about 5 times since we have been in the house. I keep my shipping materials, order supplies, and everything else my husband and I have kept over the years in this space. I even fit a treadmill in there!

In My Studio

Overall, my studio is a peaceful place to work, but everywhere you look there is tons of inspiration, from books to artwork and beyond. I have created a space that appeals me to me in lots of ways, from the navy wall color to the wood furniture, and has enough workable space so that is never an issue. Even the way the light pours in from the outside is really beautiful, keeping it sunny and bright, which in turn keeps me going all day.

I think the most important aspect of a workspace is that it fits you like a glove.

So if you are stumbling over the layout of furniture or don’t have the necessary items to keep everything in its place, then you will constantly be distracted and not as productive as you should be. Make sure everything is in arms reach and has its own place so you can get more done.

Not everyone has a home office or studio to work from. In cases like this, you would consider renting out a space or doing work in another location like a coffee shop or library. Its definitely not the same as having your own personal area to so what you please, but it’s better than nothing.

Wework is a co-working company that provides cool and inspiring spaces for creatives to work and connect with other freelancers and entrepreneurs. Plus, they offer other benefits for being a member. Its a great way for small businesses and designers to network and surely can help them succeed in the field. They have locations all over the world so check them out if you could use this service.

I hope a little peek into my studio has inspired you to create a workspace that you love. If you use the tips I shared, I am sure you will be productive in no time!