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This year has been a good one for sure. Although I had to deal with a few hardships, all great things brought Gray Star Design to new heights. Here is a short review of the things I am proud of accomplishing for the business. Looking forward to so much more for the future! My goals for 2015 are to work on my stationery line and get ready to do wholesale and to start seriously advertising. See you next year!

1. I am so excited and happy to have been Minted this year! I have had over a handful of wins in both art prints and stationery and feel so lucky to be a part of the Minted community. You can visit my shop here.
Gray Star Design on Minted

2. You can also find some of my designs on Envelopes.com! I was contacted to contribute to their growing collection and its a great opportunity to be included.
Gray Star Design on Envelopes.com

3. I was featured on the UK store Terry’s Blinds blog, Designer Insights, which is pretty rad. It’s nice to have the business mentioned overseas, for sure!

4. I teamed up with Atlanta photographer Linda Kovtoun for two beautiful inspiration shoots which featured my invitation designs. I am so grateful for this opportunity and happy to have met such a talented artist. Looking forward to many more shoots!

Floral Backyard Wedding Shoot
Team Up with Linda Kovtoun


Romantic Glam Inspiration Shoot
Romantic Glam Inspiration Shoot

5. I’ve also designed a nice collection of holiday cards that I look forward to adding to in the years to come. There is surely enough options for everyone!
Holiday Collection by Gray Star Design

6. Paper goods I designed for a Martha’s Vineyard wedding was featured in Well Wed magazine! This really made me happy, as they are one of the top wedding mags in the country. So exciting!! You can read all about it here. I look forward to being featured some more this coming year.
Jessica and Ken's Wedding in Well Wed Magazine