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Our Gender Reveal

This weekend my husband and I had family over our house for a gender reveal and it was such a fun day. We actually had the ultrasound the Tuesday before so waiting and thinking of our little one took a lot of patience.

It's a BOY!

This whole time I really thought it was a girl, as did my husband and so many other people. The feeling I got when I saw our baby the second time at 12 weeks was totally girl. I felt as if I was looking at a little me, as weird as that may sound. Maybe the fact that I have always dreamt of having a little girl had some influence on that feeling, but nevertheless, we both were on the same page. Even though my husband would LOVE to have a little boy.

Then as I looked again at 16 weeks, I felt a little different. It was the first time I thought it could be a boy. My husband felt the same but we didn’t really talk about it much. We were both just anxious and excited for Saturday to come to find out!

So there we were, standing together, surrounded by family. I purchase two cards from a great artist, Genevieve Santos, on Etsy to help with the reveal. One had a boy on it and other a girl. They were actually Valentine’s Day cards but they seemed so perfect for this event. And since I had cupcakes, I bought a cute reveal banner from Loop Loft on Etsy as well. Everything was so cute.

It's a BOY!

Then it was time to open the envelope! I was so nervous, lol. As soon as I started to pull out the card, I was in shock. It’s a BOY!!! I looked at my husband with a smile and  we all cheered with joy. It really was an exciting moment.


It took me a few days for the news to settle in. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a boy, I just always imagined having a girl so this was a totally new feeling. But now I am so excited and every day I think about our future son and who he will be. Things like this are out of our control and us having a boy was just meant to be. So I accept this gift with love and plan to enjoy the next five months of pregnancy with him close to my heart immensely.

We can’t wait to meet our little boy! Oh what a sweet and awesome kid he will be 🙂