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Creating that cozy, comfy space is easier than you think. Arranging furniture in a room doesn’t have to be complicated. I think when people have a large space, they tend to get a little confused on how to place everything. And the same with small spaces. But there are just a few key things to remember:

Make sure there is a natural flow
Place the furniture so there is space around each piece. And allow the room for people to walk and get by. Now too much room can feel cold, so grouping things together for a more cozy feel always works. For example: don’t just put your furniture against the walls. Create a warm area in the middle of the room and leave space around it.

Allow lighting to play a big role in the space
Depending on how big the space is, make sure there is good enough light in most areas so people can gather and chat. So maybe there is a lamp by either side of the couch, a floor lamp across the room, and maybe a small sized lamp on another table or console. And using that number 3 helps here as well, just as long as they are set apart from each other. Think of a triangle where each light hits a point. That is a good reference.

Combine different size accessories with bigger pieces
Let’s just say you don’t want to walk in a room and have everything be at the same height. You want to have a nice variety so that all the pieces have a flow and your eye moves around the room. So different size accessories, textures, colors, etc…all play a major part in that.

Here are some nice examples of cozy spaces that really turned out beautiful using the these key elements. Hope they help and inspire you to create an amazing space in your home.

(Image credit: Domino.com)

(Image credit: Domino.com)

(Image credit: Country Living)

(Image credit: West Elm)

(Image credit: Design Sponge)

(Image credit: Pink Peppermint Design)

(Image credit: Decoholic)

(Image credit: Home Remodels Pictures & Design)