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The school shooting in Parkland has been weighing on me pretty heavy these past few days. Here we are, yet again. The new normal. Where mental illness is ignored and guns take center stage. America’s fucked up reality. And why? Because money, power, and greed are valued more than human life. And it’s not just these issues that are a problem. There are so many more.

It’s not that hard to create solutions. Yet, people rather fight instead of finding common ground. How many more people need to die before we focus on what is important in this country? Just having a conversation about it s aggravating because I find that a particular side just doesn’t listen. Ignorance and being uneducated is part of it – but I also see a lot of people getting very defensive. It’s about time to grow up and get over yourselves. I don’t understand how some think the world revolves around them. Like THEY matter more than all of us. Sorry, but the greater good means IT’S GREATER THAN YOU. We all matter and all should be considered. When you can’t even communicate and find a space to meet in the middle, then the only thing to do is create change on your own with your people by your side. Maybe the others will tag along at some point, who knows. What’s important is to move forward and do what is best for the people of this country. If you don’t want to jump on board, then fine.

I would love to actually talk in person about these issues, but Facebook has been the platform where most take place and I end up repeating myself because the other side just doesn’t get what I am saying. I don’t fight. I don’t judge. I just share my thoughts and suggest we work together. And this never seems to have a positive ending. It’s frustrating. And even though it’s hard, I’m holding on to the hope I have left and wish that we can all come together with actual solutions to these problems. I know we can do it. But the more we stay divided, the tougher it will be. We need to continue to speak up, share ideas, and keep the conversation alive.

It all starts with YOU and what you can do in your community. I have recently joined a group in my town that will meet and discuss ways we can improve the safety of our schools. This is a move in the right direction. And I will keep doing what I can because I care about our future and I REFUSE TO LIVE IN FEAR.

We cannot let those victims be forgotten.
We can’t let this administration ignore our voices and shut down our actions.
We need to push and keep on pushing.
We need to replace those in power who will not stand by our side.
We must be a force in our community and unite with our neighbors.
We need to support organizations that are working to make change.
We have to spread love and peace to keep moving forward.
We need to be strong for our children and lead them in the right direction.
We must be kind to one another and provide help when we can.
We need to defeat ignorance and hate.
We must keep going….we must keep fighting.