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Foggy mornings are pretty much what I feel like from time to time. Whether I have too much on my mind, I’m busy as a bee, or just feeling a bit low – the fog takes over. And there isn’t much to relieve the uncomfortable disconnect I feel from myself and the world but one thing always saves me. Design. It brings me back to life. It gives me ideas which push me to create. The way I see the spaces around me or the blank slate waiting to come alive is magic. My soul lights up when I can aesthetically be free and my vision is allowed to thrive. Design is what keeps my blood flowing and my heart pumping. Like I said, it’s magic
My home is a haven for my family and I. I need it to feel calm, peaceful, and inspiring but most of all – beautiful and organized. Every few months I go on a rampage and tidy up the areas that need it. From closets to drawers, shelves to cabinets – I dive in and make it better than before. It’s something I truly enjoy. The same goes to redesigning a room. When I feel like the space just doesn’t have that spark anymore, it’s time for a change. And all the time, effort, and work I put in is all worth it. My daily life is enhanced and I’m truly happier. And my family benefits as well.
Being able to transform anything I see in a beautiful unique way or creating something from nothing is a gift I treasure and I truly believe it’s my destiny to share it with the world.