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I remind myself this every day. Even though it’s pretty damn hard to put myself first when I have a family and two dogs to take care of, a home I constantly tend to, finances to stay on top of, daily things on my list to check off, and growing my business. Sometimes I feel like all the busy is smothering me and it’s hard to find the time to put me first. I know a lot of women, especially mothers may feel this way. And I hate it. This is a main reason I don’t want another child. It’s just too much of a balancing act and another kid would make it even harder. Besides, I always wanted just one so I’m completely happy and content with the sweet boy I have.
For me, adding more to my plate is NOT the answer. I want my life to be easier, NOT harder or more challenging. And I feel like this is a way of thinking that helps me thrive a bit more. It’s the idea of a simple life that allows me the time and space to put me first and love ME more. And also to be more creative which I NEED. I don’t want my life to just be #busy. I want my life to be fulfilling and enjoyable. I want to feel calm and happy. I want to feel at peace with myself and my thoughts. When there is too much to do that is not how I feel. And that’s why I am always trying to simplify, streamline, and lessen the burden of life.
Because LIFE should not feel like a burden. It should be a steady flow of happiness where you thrive and grow. And that’s my goal. It’s in this way of life that I can focus on myself and be the best me I can be. And we should all want that. When we put ourselves first and tend to our needs we can be our best selves for the people we love and also project that authenticity to the world around us. So treat yourself well because you deserve it. Treat yourself well because you are the only person who truly can. Treat yourself well because you are truly worth it.

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