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Animals are amazing and never deserve to be harmed or abused. My whole life I have loved animals and once I opened my eyes to the horrors of the food industry and beyond I became vegetarian and never turned back. Over 10 years of dedication to prove my support in all areas of my life and I am proud and happy to be a part of the cause. I believe all earthlings deserve a life without harm, abuse, and death for no reason.

This year for my birthday I am raising money for Mercy For Animals and your contribution will make an impact, no matter how much you donate. Every little bit helps. Since 2018, MFA has potentially impacted 65.5 million animals through corporate animal welfare policies, 40.7 million through legislative policies, and spared 212,900 through institutional food policies. Help them do the good work and fight for animal rights everywhere.

You can donate at the link below: