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Of course there are things that happen in life that stress you out and make you worry. We all go through it. And it’s so easy to let things get you down. To be upset. It’s much harder to push through and come up with a solution to your problem. It’s harder and sometimes exhausting to put a smile on your face and keep your head up. But the truth is – moping around and doing nothing about it won’t help at all.
The warrior is the one who doesn’t back down. You acknowledge how shitty a situation is, grieve how you need to, and move forward toward a positive outcome. While the worrier just seems to worry. Nothing will come out of this. That negative energy will only attract more shit to worry about. And who the hell wants that?
Focus on what makes you happy. Extend good vibes. Be positive. Be grateful. Stay clear of shitty people and drama. Be strong so you can dig yourself out of a hole when you have to. Inform yourself on what you should know. Follow your gut feeling. Allow yourself to make mistakes and be thankful for the lessons. Be true to yourself. Be a warrior.