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I’ve never been one to compare myself to others. It’s just not a healthy thing to do. We are all different and live our lives as we choose. Some people seem to find themselves stuck in the comparison hole. Once you’re in there it will be hard to get out.
I personally don’t give a fuck what anyone says about me or my choices. lol. That’s me. Always was and always will be. If I go down a path it’s because I feel it’s the right one. And yes we all make mistakes but regret is something I don’t carry with me. You live and you learn. And knowing your true purpose will always move you in the right direction. If you focus and allow yourself to be captivated by your purpose, your journey will be much easier.
Choose YOU every time and good things will happen. You are the light. Shine as bright as you can and that energy will consume the people around you, uplifting their souls and inspiring them to see their true purpose as well. Negativity only kills the magic. And comparing yourself to others is a good way of suffocating your inner light – because you will never be someone else. And no one else can be you. Live your truth.

Image reposted from @neon.be