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We all need a little isolation from time to time. It’s good for the soul to go inward and give yourself the space to just be. Now is a good time to do just that. This current situation is bringing a lot of issues to light. And it’s certainly a time to be aware. I believe there is much more to this virus and although it’s hard for some, we must not let it drag us down. We all need to be strong, brave and resilient to come out on top. And the one thing that will allow each of us to do that is to be fearless. The fear I see people expressing is what I’m most worried about and it’s the one thing that will destroy us all. Don’t let anyone or anything push you to live in fear. Because it will eventually crush you and make the situation much worse, for everyone. I refuse to let fear control me. The only thing I can do is adjust my flow and be positive. As long as I keep moving forward I will be fine. And life does go on. It may feel like the twilight zone right now but underneath it all change is being birthed from the madness. So be strong and focus on the good things in your life. Enjoy your days as best you can. Reach out to nature for support. Stop inviting negativity, lies and sadness in your space. Never mind the stories. It’s enough. Be the light the world needs… and we will get through this just fine
Image reposted from @cabinporn